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Zenitel - Stentofon

About Zenitel - Stentofon

Zenitel specializes in critical communication systems used in demanding environments such as ships, prisons, hospitals, industrial sites and building security. Zenitel’s primary asset is knowledge: knowledge of its end users, technology and the industry it serves. The STENTOFON, VINGTOR and ZENITEL names are recognized worldwide along with other well known Zenitel brands including STEENHANS, Ring-Master, M100, ASACOM and Chuchubi trunking. STENTOFON and VINGTOR have built a strong distribution and partner network over more than 60 years. Zenitel is highly committed to its growing customer and distributor base with over 13,000 vessels in marine, 1,300,000 intercom points and is the proud owner of licenses to operate TETRA networks in the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba. Company headquarters are in Norway with subsidiaries in the United States, France, Italy, Finland, Denmark, Singapore and China.

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