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VideoXpert Event Monitor Service

Solution Overview

The Event Monitor Service is capable of listening for an Alarm from an external IO device and control PTZ locations, display cameras on monitors, and trigger relays on the external IO device. Customers can now have a hardware bridge that allows Alarm contact coming in from a 3rd party device trigger a response within the VideoXpert VMS such as, Sending video to monitors, triggering presets or patterns on PTZ, and triggering relays on the I/O modules. The Dispatch Plugin allows users to control relays on external IO devices directly from Ops Center.

Solution Details

Features Supported

  • External Monitor Control
  • Playback – Basic - (Play, Pause, Stop)
  • Presets – Presets and Preset Tours
  • PTZ Control
  • Send Alarm/Events to Pelco VMS

Products Supported

  • VideoXpert