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TransForm N

Solution Overview

Within the Traffic, Surveillance & Monitoring market Barco provides a universal visualization platform, consisting of professional displays or video walls, powerful display controllers and smart control room management software. This platform helps control room professionals to collect all possible types of sources and data; to understand the data by organizing it in an efficient and transparent way and create visual information; to distribute the information and collaborate with decision-makers and stakeholders; and to make solid decisions and to coordinate actions. Barco integrates Pelco IP cameras and encoders to show the camera images on video wall systems and other display solutions. Barco's Transform N visualization platform supports the necessary protocols to request, receive, decode and display video images from the hereunder listed Pelco IP cameras and encoders on its connected displays. CMS, the Control room Management Software component of Transform N provides both user and automation interfaces to organize and control the display of the video images.

Solution Details

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Features Supported

  • Video Codec – H.264;MPEG4

Products Supported

  • Esprit TI3
  • Esprit TI6
  • ID10
  • ID30
  • IDE10
  • IDE20
  • IDS0
  • IE10
  • IE30
  • IEE10
  • IEE20
  • IES0
  • IM10
  • IMS0
  • IP110
  • IP3701
  • IX10
  • IX30
  • IXE10
  • IXE20
  • IXS0
  • NET5301T
  • NET5308T
  • NET5404T
  • NET5401T
  • NET5402T
  • Spectra HD 720
  • Spectra HD 1080P20X
  • Spectra IV H.264
  • Spectra IV IP
  • Spectra Mini IP
  • TI3
  • TI6