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Solution Overview

Symmetry Security Management and Symmetry Video integrates with Pelco’s VideoXpert, Endura and Digital Sentry as well as many other Pelco Dome and PTZ cameras. Live video and Pan, Tilt, Zoom control of Pelco cameras allows faster response time to Incidents. Provides a single user interface for video, access control and alarm management. Support of Video Loss Alarms, Analytic Alarms, and Motion Alarms allow increased Security Guard productivity, making the right decisions at the right time. Playback of recorded video simplifies video forensics analysis.

Solution Details

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Features Supported

  • Device Discovery
  • Multi Stream Support
  • Playback – Basic - (Play, Pause, Stop)
  • Presets – Presets
  • PTZ Control
  • Recieve Alarm/Events from Pelco VMS
  • Video Codec – H.264;MPEG4

Products Supported

  • DS - DSSRV, NVS, RealVue, DS1000
  • DVXe
  • DVXi
  • Endura 2.0 H.264
  • VideoXpert
  • VideoXpert Plug In