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About Remsdaq

A customer-focused organisation Remsdaq specialises in the design of world-class solutions to serve three principal markets on a global scale: SCADA, Integrated Security and Mobilising. In the UK, the Company offers a full turnkey service and internationally, they operate through an approved network of Value Added Resellers that allow Remsdaq’s products to be supported and promoted locally. Their client base includes prestigious organisations from industry, finance, commerce, military, government, electric utilities, prisons and airport sectors. Established in 1974, the Company is able to boast a complete and integrated approach with design, engineering, production and all support services co-located in a modern 44,000 ft2 facility in Deeside, North Wales. Over 20% of their personnel are invested within Design & Development and their range of products is a direct result of this commitment to innovation and our research and development program. As a provider of bespoke systems, they are able to supply and integrate third-party manufactured products into their systems solutions.

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