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About RecFaces

RecFaces is a company-developer of multimodal biometric identification system, that is intended to solve actual business problems, automate processes and increase security.

Solution Overview

Id-Me platform, created by Recfaces, allows to store and process various biometric features of a person, such as a photo of a face, a three-dimensional image of a face, palm vein pattern, a fingerprint, in a universal biometric profile.

The obtained biometric data can be used to solve various business issues, such as:

  • accounting of staff worksheet
  • authorization in information systems
  • provision of access to ATM transactions without using a credit card
  • biometric access control
  • identification of visitors to the organization by the image of the person and other business tasks.

Id-Me platform is a turnkey solution that does not require significant changes in business processes during its implementation, with simple integration into existing ecosystem of information technologies. Biometric identification platform is a unified, easy to be managed and used by end-user enterprise-class solution.

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