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Solution Overview

Enter a new era of power performance and freedom with Vista’s new Video Management Software qulu. Designed to offer the most efficient performance on the market today this revolutionary software allows users to interact with video like never before. And with a continually updated Pelco IP camera support, your experience with the combination of Pelco cameras within qulu will be set to grow and grow. Support for Windows, LINUX and Apple MAC OS

Solution Details

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Features Supported

  • Audio – In
  • I/O Ports – Inputs and Outputs
  • Motion Events
  • Multi Stream Support
  • Other – Optera: Set up primary and secondary video streams via qulu PTZ controls via qulu's simple interface Inputs - trigger event rules within qulu Outputs - trigger 3rd party devices connected to the camera, for example siren, bell etc
  • PTZ Control
  • Video Codec – H.264

Products Supported

  • EVO-05N
  • IBP11
  • IBP21
  • IBP31
  • IBPS1
  • IL10
  • IME11
  • IME21
  • IME31
  • IMES1
  • IMP11
  • IMP21
  • IMP31
  • IMP51
  • IMP321
  • IMPS1
  • IMS0
  • IXE11
  • IXES1
  • IXP11
  • IXPS1
  • NET5504
  • NET5508
  • Optera
  • Spectra Enhanced
  • Spectra HD 720
  • Spectra HD 1080P20X
  • Spectra HD 1080P30X