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Lenel VideoXpert Data Plug-in

Solution Overview

Pelco by Schneider Electric is an active member of the Lenel OpenAccess Alliance program and has developed several solutions to provide interoperability between our product offering and the Lenel OnGuard Access Control application. The Pelco Event Integration Plugin enables communication between Lenel physical alarm devices (Access panel, alarm panels, and card readers), the OnGuard Server, and the Pelco VideoXpert. For example, a Lenel card reader is swiped, an alarm sounds and that alarm is passed on to be managed by Pelco VideoXpert. A process is required to convert the physical alarm emitted from the device to a format that Pelco VideoXpert can manage. The Pelco Plugin performs this conversion process.

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Features Supported

  • Send Alarm/Events to Pelco VMS

Products Supported

  • VideoXpert