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Gallagher Command Centre

Solution Overview

The Command Centre integration to Endura allows the Endura video system to become part of the overall Command Centre Security system. The video from Endura becomes available within the Gallagher Command Centre system adding the ability for security operators to see and recall what's is happening or has happened. The integration between command centre and endura also shares alarm data between the systems so cameras become additional alarm sensors. Events can be triggered in Command centre when video motion is detected or as the result of Enduras advanced video analytics

Solution Details

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Features Supported

  • Device Discovery
  • External Monitor Control
  • Motion Events
  • Multi Stream Support
  • Other – Supports both primary & secondary streams from Endura
  • Pelco Analytic Events
  • Playback – Advanced - (Play, Pause, Stop, FFWD, ect...)
  • Presets – Presets
  • PTZ Control
  • Recieve Alarm/Events from Pelco VMS
  • Send Alarm/Events to Pelco VMS

Products Supported

  • Endura 1.5 MPEG4
  • Endura 2.0 H.264
  • UDI5000
  • VideoXpert