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Datalog MV

Solution Overview

Datalog MV operates with Datalog 5 and significantly enhances the control, flexibility and stability of managing a wide range of camera systems across estates. Datalog MV is a standalone system that allows multiple CCTV brands to run as ‘plug ins’ which ensures overall system stability is maximised and your exposure to risk and downtime is reduced. With Pelco VideoXpert integration users get live and replay video, support for monitoring camera events, and ability to pan, tilt, and zoom PTZ cameras Video wall control is supported with VideoXpert configured in shared display mode.

Solution Details

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Features Supported

  • Playback – Basic - (Play, Pause, Stop)
  • Presets – Presets
  • PTZ Control
  • Video Codec – H.264;MPEG4

Products Supported

  • VideoXpert