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Datalog 5

Solution Overview

The Datalog Security Management System has been specifically developed to optimise operational efficiency and effectiveness within control room environments, providing a readymade solution for the monitoring and control of local and remote building, fire and security systems. Datalog addresses the inefficiencies associated with the operation of disparate systems within control rooms. It provides the end user with an integrated software solution that delivers ease of operation, operator accountability, optimum control and a seamless system for responding to events quickly and effectively. A single operating solution for all systems under control makes it easier for operators to understand events, respond and direct resources in seconds rather than minutes. Alarms and events can all be clearly and concisely displayed on graphic location plans (with text descriptions and on-line help instructions) and verified by live pre and post video. With Pelco integration when an alarm occurs up to 4 cameras can be associated with a circuit and switched to preset. Users can do Pre and Post video verification of an event[s], have access to historic replay of events as well as manual camera selection for live. Datalog camera icons can be used so that cameras can be dragged and dropped from the Datalogmaps and dropped on to the video replay window for reviewing recorded images or live cameras. Finaly users can manage PTZ control of the cameras.

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Features Supported

  • Playback – Basic - (Play, Pause, Stop)
  • Presets – Presets
  • PTZ Control
  • Video Codec – H.264;MPEG4

Products Supported

  • DS - DSSRV, NVS, RealVue, DS1000
  • Endura 1.5 MPEG4
  • Endura 2.0 H.264