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Continuum OpsCenter Plugin for VideoXpert 3.0 and Above

Solution Overview

Andover Continuum, Schneider Electric's Building Management Systems, is built from the ground up as a monitoring and control system for buildings. Integrating access control, video surveillance, HVAC, and lighting control into one system reduces the amount of wiring and hardware needed, thus drastically reducing the overall system cost. With Schneider Electric’s commitment to open standards and third-party integration, Andover Continuum is ready for today’s needs while helping prepare for the future. Associating video with an event provides operators with quick visual confirmation of a situation as it is unfolding. Additionally, recall of recorded video, after an event has occurred, can provide critical information to expedite an investigation.


The Continuum Vx PlugIn allows a user to view Continuum Access Control information from within the VideoXpert Ops Center.


Download Continuum OpsCenter Plugin User Guide

Download Cotinuum OpsCenter Plugin


Recent Revisions

20Feb2019 Added Continuum version tested with solution