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About CNL (Computer Network Limited)

CNL Software is a world leader and global provider of Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software, designed for complete Integrated Situation Management. Our award winning technology is deployed to secure major cities, critical infrastructure and global commerce. CNL Software's solutions sit at the heart of some of the largest, most complex and ground-breaking security integration projects in the world. Our work with leading organizations is helping to shape the future of security by offering thought leadership on key issues such as asset protection, energy reduction, process compliance and business advantage in converged physical environments. As the developer of the IPSecurityCenter™, we took a tried and tested IT based approach to integration. We built a ‘Commercial off the Shelf’ (COTS) development suite that allows the creation of customized command and control suites at a fraction of the time and cost of bespoke solutions. By the addition of a strong workflow engine, we can integrate most security applications and add compliance, convergence and situations awareness to the resulting solution. This highly scalable solution works in city center CCTV operations, large enterprise security applications, power stations, and oil refineries to name a few, managing all the security assets according to the security policy required. Together with our delivery partners, we have created some of the most innovative, forward thinking solutions to control rooms.

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