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CitectSCADA, CitectFacilities and Vijeo Citect

Solution Overview

Surveillance, remote monitoring and control functions have become critical for many businesses. Companies require the ability to closely monitor critical processes, high-value equipment and strategic production materials. All these tasks can now be accomplished easily thanks to the ability to integrate Pelco cameras into the SCADA system so that live video can be viewed directly on SCADA screens. The integration of camera/video surveillance on operators’ SCADA screens: Provides a visual validation of the actual equipment, perimeter, zone or site in question, helping to improve the quality of decision-making. Confines the need for site visits to genuine security/process incidents, resulting in optimised management of field staff, lower travel costs and a reduced carbon footprint. Improves the effectiveness of intervention through more informed insight into the scale of a problem and, consequently, reduces risk to staff in potentially hazardous conditions. Hastens emergency response times with less disruption to operations thanks to richer, context-sensitive assessments.

Solution Details

Features Supported

  • Configuration – Stream Settings
  • Motion Events
  • Presets – Presets and Preset Tours
  • PTZ Control
  • Video Codec – H.264;MPEG4

Products Supported

  • Esprit IP
  • Esprit TI3
  • Esprit TI6
  • ExSite IP
  • ID10
  • ID30
  • IDE10
  • IDE20
  • IDS0
  • IE10
  • IE30
  • IEE10
  • IEE20
  • IES0
  • IL10
  • IM10
  • IME11
  • IME21
  • IME31
  • IMES1
  • IMS0
  • IP110
  • IP3701
  • IX10
  • IX30
  • IXE10
  • IXE11
  • IXE20
  • IXE21
  • IXE31
  • IXES1
  • IXS0
  • Spectra HD 720
  • Spectra HD 1080P20X
  • Spectra IV H.264
  • Spectra IV IP
  • Spectra Mini IP
  • TI3
  • TI6