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About CASD

- Society outcome from the industrial vision (image processing), created to develop digital high quality CCTV solutions.
- Located in Grenoble France : A favorable environement for high technology development.

Skills :
- Digital recording solutions and graphic supervision design.
- Audio and video transmission through IP network
- Study and development of interface softwares.

Strengths :
- Proven technical solutions
- Solutions for recording, multi-codec (MPEG4, H264), multi-resolutions (4CIF and megapixels) and multi-brand (managment of more than 32 IP cameras and encoders brands).
- Platform based on high quality and high availability (RAID5, redundant power) server.
- Significant partnerships with important manufacturers : storage servers, cameras, wireless networks (Hertzien), switchs,telemonitoring.

Solution Overview

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