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The Bosch VMS System ´BVMS´ is an enterprise video surveillance solution with - up to 2,000 cameras as easy ´out-of-the-box´ single Management Server with up to 100 Operator Clients - high-end redundant iSCSI Network storage - a scalability of up to 10,000 cameras across 10 subsystems per user group resulting in 100,000 cameras in total, in an enterprise system across different time zones - seamless integration into the Bosch PSIM ´Building Integration System ´BIS´ with - 100,000 sensors in only one server and up to 40 Operator Clients - Intrusion, Fire, Public Address, Intercom and 100 other subsystems integrated via the OPC standard - up to 40 servers in total in an multi-server enterprise system - therefore perfectly suiting verticals such as Prisons, Metros, Power plants, smart cities, commercial enterprises, financial, governmental projects, airports and other large industrial facilities

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Features Supported

  • Device Discovery
  • I/O Ports – Inputs and Outputs
  • Motion Events
  • Video Codec – H.264

Products Supported

  • Optera