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Briefcam for VideoXpert 3.0 and Above


More informaiton about Briefcam analytics is here.

The VideoXpert integration to Briefcam allows you to send VideoXpert video to the Briefcam system.  The link below will download this software.  This software will require a license from Pelco in addition to any licenses required by Briefcam.  Please obtain Pelco part number INT-BRIEFCAM. 

Please note that there are no VideoXpert events injected by Briefcam at this time.

Download Middleware

There is also a VideoXpert OpsCenter plugin for Briefcam.

Download Plugin


Recent Changes:

20Aug2019 - Updated middleware version to 1.0.9 and plugin to 1.0.8

20Sept2019 - Update to to - Middleware will use GPU if you have the correct Nvidia drivers