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Avaya Fabric Connect

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Avaya Fabric Connect provides a next generation networking solution that caters to the demands of modern IP video surveillance applications and is a perfect complement to Pelco video management systems. Pelco’s Endura Video Management System (VMS) and IP Camera’s use IP multicast for transporting video streams to Management/Operation centres for viewing & recording. This has traditionally meant using Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) on the data infrastructure to support IP Multicast for video – which is complex, cumbersome and limited. Avaya Fabric Connect eliminates this complexity and network-wide provisioning practices and substitutes it with very simple end point provisioning with only one or two lines of command. Customers who deploy the systems together find that installation and configuration is uncomplicated. The simple installation reduces time and implementation costs to deliver high-quality performance with consistent around-the-clock availability. Key advantages of the Avaya Networking Infrastructure are.. • Single Command Configuration o Quick start scripts (tailored for Pelco Endura VMS/Video Surveillance solutions) that configure Avaya’s switches (VSP4000 vesion 4.1) in less than one minute o Edge provisioning only • Simple o Single protocol (IS-IS) – Easy to design, deploy and troubleshoot o Enables robust small through very large scale IP multicast solutions without the need to use PIM • Standards based o Enhanced IEEE 802.1aq Shortest Path Bridging (SPB) standard • Lightning–fast recovery o Sub-second recovery (

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  • Endura 2.0 H.264