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AccessXpert for VideoXpert 3.0 and Above

Solution Overview

AccessXpert provides users with a fully web-enabled solution for the configuration, commanding and real time monitoring of physical access control installations. Because AccessXpert is fully web-enabled, there is no software to install on the end users desktop making it accessible from anywhere. The user interface is a single page experience, even for features such as photo capture, cropping and ID badge printing. A broad range of window layouts, complimented by display scaling, allow a user to customize their AccessXpert with as little or as much information as they wish. AccessXpert is a solution that does not require a dedicated, on-site server, making it less expensive for the end user and lowering the overall total cost of ownership.

This integration will require a license from Pelco in addition to any AccessXpert licenses.  Please obtain Pelco part number INT-ACCESSXPERT.

Solution Details

Features Supported

  • Export Video
  • Mark Event
  • Playback – Advanced - (Play, Pause, Stop, FFWD, ect...)
  • Presets – Presets
  • PTZ Control
  • Send Alarm/Events to Pelco VMS
  • Video Codec – H.264

Recent Update

19March2019 - Updated "AccessXpert Event Service".  Fixed problem if unexpected characters in controller's name.  This would cause camera associations to be saved incorrectly.  If you update to this version, you will need to redo the information in the Camera Association Tab.

29March2019 - Updated "AccessXpert Video Integration" to version

26July2019 - Updated "AccessXpert Event Service" to version